What You Need to Know About Selling Structured Settlements

Ways to reduce debt

Many people, all over the world, dream of winning the lottery or a large lawsuit. What most people do not realize is that most of these situations do not result in one large lump sum payments. Whether you have lottery winnings or an annuity, you most likely will have annual payments instead of one large one. Many people are fine with this arrangement but some people would prefer to get cash for a structured settlement.

What is the point of annuity?

Annuity payments come from a variety of sources. If you were named to the beneficiary in someone’s will…

Get Your Money Now

Cash for your structured settlement

When something happens that awards us a large sum of money whether it is a settlement of the case, lottery winnings or an inheritance, well winning is always a positive thing, these types of payments can take a long time to get to us.

What reasons would I get a sum of money? For example, let’s say that you got into a car accident and the case has gone to court. You know you were going to win, but you have to go through the right channels to get your settlement money. This could take months, even years. If you’ve been injured, it’s possible that you are not able to work for a while. Or maybe, your car got totaled during the accident. In either of these cases, you’ll need your money quickly in order to pay medical bills or buy a new car or both. Waiting for your pay…

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