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Getting closer to retirement should be one of the most exciting times of your adult life. Unfortunately, many people are left with close to nothing in the bank account when they finally decide to retire, having nothing to show for their lifetime of hard work and dedication.

Wealth management is key to living a comfortable life after your working years are behind you. Financial planners can help you navigate the murky waters of retirement by managing your wealth, creating a strategy that’s right for you, and ensuring you live your retired life in the comfort you deserve. Here are three shocking facts that may convince you to start planning for retirement now:

    1. 75% of 401k account holders have below-average balances: If your 401k account is less than $60,000, it is considered subpar and you may be behind in your goal to retire. If your company offers a 401k program, you should be taking full advantage of it. Financial planners can help identify the best ways to reallocate some of your money to invest in retirement.

    2. 41% of people ages 18-29 have never even given thought to planning their retirement: Proper financial planning is not just for those getting closer to retirement. In fact, it is crucial to start your planning at a young age to limit the financial burden you could potentially face in your 50s or 60s. If you are a young professional or know somebody who is early in their career, pass this tidbit along and try to plant a seed of investment and success in their head before it’s too late.

    3. One in five people close to retirement have zero money in the bank: This is an alarming statistic that partially explains the growing elderly homeless population. Seeking out financial planners in your 20s and 30s will guarantee that you have some sort of nest egg to fall back on in the event you are unable to work through to your retirement. Wealth management is not just for the wealthy; anything you can contribute to a retirement fund will be beneficial to you in the future.

These statistics are just a few examples of the many inconvenient truths that come with neglecting your financial planning until it’s too late. Look for financial planners in your area and see how they can help you feel confident and comfortable as you head into your golden years.

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