Sell my structured settlement payments

Money makes the world go around, but for some people, it could feel like the world has stopped spinning. Financial strain is an epidemic that is sweeping across America with increasing vigor. As a result, financial advisors and settlement lawyers have found more work than ever. These are four financial questions that you may want to ask yourself.

Am I Paying Too Much in Taxes?
Taxes get lumped on to everything, its our way of paying for services that enrich our lives, but how much is too much. Today, the maximum income tax rate is set at 35%. If you end up paying more than that amount, you may be entitled to a cash settlement.

Should I Quit My Job if I Have an Annuity?
Winning the lottery is a dream come true for a lot of people, but what about the future for lotto winners. There is generally no such thing as a lump sum lottery payout, instead you will be given an annuity that sometimes offers a single payout followed by increasing annual payouts for at least 25 years. The Mega Millions pays out over 29 years with a 5% increase in payments each year. While all of this sounds tempting, you have to consider that the government will withhold up to 25% of your winnings for tax purposes. Its because of this unreliable system that nearly half of lotto winners continue to work after winning.

Can I Sue My Boss?
If you face work place discrimination, or if you are getting ripped off by your boss, you may want to consider taking them to court. Employee lawsuits are four times more common today than they were 20 years ago. The average employee lawsuit pays out $150,000 with the average structured settlement claim reaching up to $324,000 on average. Most cases settle from 80 to 92%. It can pay to speak up, but the structured settlement pays out over time as well.

Should I Sell My Settlement or Annuity?

Some people cannot enjoy the luxury of waiting to get their money from an annuity or a structured settlement, that’s why the option for a lump sum lottery payout should be considered. By trying to access your money before a certain age, you can incur taxes and a 10% early-withdrawal penalty. Deciding on whether to cash out depends in large part on the kind of annuity you want to purchase. An “immediate annuity” can allow you to start receiving payments in as little as 30 days. By selling your annuity, however, you can sell your structured settlements or receive an annuity settlement for a lump sum lottery payout fast.

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