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Currency counting machines have become extremely prevalent in our daily lives – at the bank, inside the ATM machine… even at the supermarket.
Currency counting machines count money – either piles of coins or assorted bills… the latter is most often found in banks. If your ATM machine allows you to make deposits without envelopes, there is a currency counter machine at work.Their increasing popularity can be attributed to the amount of time they save, not to mention the way that they cut on the rate of human error. After all, counting money by hand usually requires more than one attempt to make sure the numbers are correct. Top of the line money counters double as counterfeit detector machines as well. Counterfeiting money is an age old problem, dating back to the 1800’s when banks issued their own currency. Getting a handle on this type of crime was the original objective of the Secret Service when it was founded in 1865.
But as time saving and efficient as these machines can be, on-site maintenance and repairs are a necessity, as is the case with most any machine that has delicate moving parts. Even the best currency machines require a team of ready professionals to deal with mechanical failures. Have you ever noticed how often the currency counter machine (or electronic coin sorter and counter machine, or whatever you might call it) at the local supermarket is broken? Frustrating, isn’t it?!
If you’re in a line of business where a coin sorter and counter or cash machine of any kind is in regular use, you want to choose a manufacturer that offers top-notch maintenance plans. See to it that they have factor trained, certified service technicians and people answering phone/dispatching service calls around the clock. Optimally, you want to choose a company that can provide loaner parts or entire loaner units should yours break or need emergency service, especially since these machines are supposed to enable – not deter – customer convenience. Paying for an extensive service plan may seem like an unnecessary added expense at first, but one breakdown on a busy day is all it takes to prove its value.

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