Stepping Up to Success by Selling Structured Settlements

Selling lottery payments

There are many people in this country who have been through some type of situation that has landed them with structured settlement payments. These payments can often be helpful in times of financial hardship, and with what is considered an immediate annuity, the payments can begin to come in around 30 days. But receiving your money in this way is not your only option, and for some it might make more sense financially to sell fixed annuity payments in favor of one larger lump sum payment. If you are thinking to sell your structured settlements, you may have more opportu…

Should I sell My Structured Settlement?

Cash in structured settlement payments

A lot of people in the United States have structured settlements from lawsuits of lotteries. These are paid out over decades in lieu of giving them one lottery lump sum payout. For instance, people who win the Mega Millions lottery get one payment up front and then the rest is paid out over 29 years and each year they pay out 5% more than the year before it. Powerball has a similar plan, their payments go on for 30 years.

A lot of Americans receive payments from their structured settlements, more than 37,000 people receive these payments each year. In 2013, individual deferred annuities came to $2.58 trillion, this was for 34.8 million contracts. It’s clea…

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