The Benefits of Selling Your Annuity Payments

Difference between lump sum and annuity

You beat the odds and you were one of the few people who actually won the lottery. You double checked your lottery ticket, before realizing that you actually had won the lottery. You protected the ticket, until you were able to turn it in. You were given two payout options. One, would allow you to take a large payment at once, but you would lose a percentage of your winnings. The other one, you would receive smaller monthly payments, and you would lose fewer winnings. You were likely encouraged to choose the second option.

Years later, you realize that you are struggling financially, and you wonder, why am I struggling when I won the lottery? If only you had all of the money that you deserved. If only you had chosen the first option, you would likely be in a better financial situ…

You Won The Lottery! Now What?

Sell my structured settlement for cash

With all the recent buzz about the huge Powerball jackpot you may be surprised to find out that nearly half (48%) of all lottery winners end up having to continue to work at their current jobs. The main reason for this is the way that the funds are actually paid out. Lottery winnings are currently paid out in what is known as a structured settlement where the recipient only receives a small portion of the total up front, and the remaining amount is given in small payments to them each month for years. The good news for you and other lottery winners is that there is a way to get cash for structured settlement payments which will allow you to have access to all of your winnings immediately. Here’s a bit more information:

1. Cash For Structured Settlement Payments -…

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