How to invest in reits

Selecting a real estate agent to help buy or sell a home doesn’t have to be a daunting and stress filled affair. The following tips should help keep you from having too many sleepless nights.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Recommendations

Just like finding a new anything, word of mouth can be a useful tool in your search for a real estate agent. Who better to give you good and unbiased advice than your trusted friends and love ones. And just like favorite mechanics and bartenders, older family members tend to have their preferred “guy” who can answer questions ranging from “should I invest in property” to “what are the tax benefits of commercial real estate” and everything in between.

Make sure they Have the Proper Licensing and Credentials

From the get go, you want to check that your potential realtor has the proper licensing for your area. Your state should have public records of their real estate licensing available upon request. In Addition to their license many realtors can complete additional training to receive specializations such as the Senior Real Estate Specialist(SRES) which means they have training in assisting sellers and buyers over 50.

Check Their Track Record,Including Complaints and Commendations

Before working with a realtor you will want to get a sense of their customer service history. You can check with consumer reporting services or even do a quick internet search to see if the real estate agent has ruffled some feathers or left some unhappy customers in their wake. On the reverse side you can also see if your potential realtor has won any industry commendations or awards for excellence, you could luck out and get a real estate superstar.

Check Their Current Listings

By checking your potential agent’s listings you will be able to get an idea of the types of houses, and price ranges, they usually deal with. This will help you asses if the realtor will be able to find houses that match your needs. If your real estate agent’s normal clientele is more concerned about how to invest in REITs and buying multi million dollar homes and you are on a 200,000 budget they may not be the best fit for you. You will also be able to see if the realtor’s is working full or part time in the field, by how many houses they have listed.

Select an Agent Who You can Get Along With

Regardless of their credentials, if you and your agent are constantly butting heads, it will making your housing search that more difficult. It’s hard to believe that somebody has your best interest in mind when they obviously can’t stand your personality. During your search make sure that two of you are real estate partners in your search, and see eye to eye, it will make the process much less stressful.

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