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Why is a financial expert the place to turn when you have questions about a credit shelter trust? Because your money was well earned and you deserve to keep it for as long as humanly possible, and only with the trusted assistance of a financial planner with estate and trust experience can you truly be safe and keep that money where it belongs. A credit shelter trust is an extremely complicated type of trust in which qualifications must be met and advantages are only available for certain trust holders. You must know whether you qualify or are an optimal candidate for having a credit shelter trust as well, which a good financial expert should help you estimate.

While you are speaking with a financial consultant to determine these matters, you also could potentially get more data on what a Medicaid trust is or whether a revocable living trust is possible or even feasible. The planner will have plentiful revocable living trust information for you to peruse, and he too will be there to answer your questions that you may not find answers to in the paperwork he has given you or on the website that he has directed you toward. You get real answers from a real person as it relates to your specific credit shelter trust situation. Advice does not get more specific than that, and this kind of advice is what you need when considering whether a credit shelter trust is the appropriate answer for you.

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