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You have decided to go into business for yourself. You are tired of having set hours, a boss who forces you to work overtime and yet still not bring home very much money. Self employment has a lot of advantages, but it can be difficult to start a business from the beginning. This is why some business owners prefer purchasing a business that has already shown some growth and is already making profits. They can bypass the start up process and walk into a business with existing customers, products and services that work and a name that some people recognize. You may still have to find ways to grow the business, but you will have a great starting point.

There are 26.5 million U.S. businesses. There are probably even more than that, ones that are not properly registered. This means that you should have many options when it comes to finding a business to purchase. However, one of the trickiest parts of purchasing a business that is already established is finding a price that is fair and that accurately values the business. Fortunately, there are business models in place that will help you pay the correct price for a business. Small business valuations are important and should always be done prior to purchasing a small, established business.

You can determine the value of a business using these three approaches, by comparison to recent sales of similar businesses, based on the business? earning power and risk assessment and based on the company?s assets. All of these factors are important when it comes to small business valuations.

Valuing the comps of a small business is similar to figuring out the comps of a residential property. When you are purchasing a home, you will look at what similar homes in the same area have recently sold for. The same is done with business comps. A comps valuation can be done by a professional commercial realtor or you can do some research on your own, figuring out any local small business comps. It can be a little more difficult to find as many comps in the same area as a home, because there are fewer businesses for sale. You may have to expand your comp area. This is where a professional commercial realtor or a professional business appraisal services company could be helpful.

A professional small business valuations company utilizes the company valuation tool frequently and is able to provide you with a more accurate estimation. They will also have access to recently sold small businesses. Because of the importance of establishing correct small business valuations, many potential business owners will turn to professional services. They can also be helpful in analyzing any business documentations, understanding the company?s assets.

Business valuation is largely an economic analysis exercise. Not surprisingly, the company financial information provides key inputs into the process. The two financial statements you need for business valuation are the income statement and the balance sheet. To do a proper job of valuing a business, you should have three to five years of historic income statements and balance sheets available. A professional small business valuations company can assist with gathering this necessary information and then in analyzing the gathered information.

Some business owners prefer to purchase businesses that are already established. They already have something to work with and can focus instead, on growing the business. When purchasing a business that is already up and running, small business valuations models are needed to gage an accurate price. Professional small business valuations companies can provide consultation and can be helpful in gathering necessary documentation for an accurate business valuation. Comps are also important, just as they are with purchasing a residential property. An accurate business valuation will provide you with what the business is worth, ensuring that you do not pay too much for the business.

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