Do you run a business in Canada and you’re looking for a way to more effectively accomplish your goals? Perhaps You are looking to expand business operations from the United States into Canada by hiring people in Canada. In either case, you’ll likely want to seriously consider the benefits of using Canadian payroll software or outsourcing your employee payroll functions to a payroll service provider that specializes in payroll for Canadian companies.

If you don’t currently have the company infrastructure necessary for in-house payroll (perhaps you currently employ less than 50 people) or you would simply like to lessen the burden of keeping track of the hours worked by employees, assessing payroll taxes, determining net income versus gross income, and dealing with tax returns, it may make sense monetarily to outsource employee payroll functions.

Beyond just the basic payroll processing, you may want to work with a provider that also can help with issues related to OHSA, ESA, government remittances, and human resources. In fact, some companies in America are reluctant to establish their business in Canada because of the varying legislation, rules, and stipulations. When dealing with payroll processing in Canada, the government there can aid companies in making the proper deductions by making a “payroll deductions table” available.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the outsourcing of payroll sources, be sure to share your thoughts and ideas in the section below.

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