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Did you know that, according to The Huffington Post, 75% of Americans don’t have enough money to survive even six months without income? Thanks to this economic climate, they may very well face a situation that requires they live without for a while. What does that mean for their bills? What would it mean for their families, for their children?

A huge part of the issue is poor financial planning. Too many people make bad investments, spending too much money on things they don’t really need. If they’d only taken the time to meet with a certified investment advisor, they’d likely be in much more stable positions. You don’t have to repeat their mistakes. By following our simple guide, you can find a financial planner to guide you through rough financial waters, leading you to a financially stable life, from now until retirement and beyond.

Three Tips to Help You Find a Financial Planner

  1. Are They a Certified Financial Advisor?
  2. As Forbes writes, if you want to find a financial planner who can actually make a difference in your life, you need to make sure they are certified. There are a number different certifications you should look for: certified financial planners, chartered financial consultants, registered investment advisors, and certified public accountants are all technically certified financial planners. That being said, you need to look into the services offered before hiring anyone based on their qualifications.

  3. Do They Follow Their Own Advice?
  4. Consider, if your financial planner’s advice is so fantastic, shouldn’t they be following their own plans? As CBS News writes, after a planner you’re considering tells you their strategy for improving your financial well-being, ask them how they invest and grow their own finances. If their techniques for their personal finances are different from those they’re offering to you, move along. You need to find a financial planner who believes in what they’re selling.

  5. Who Does the Advisor Normally Work With?
  6. As you undoubtedly realize, each financial planner specializes in working with different types of clients. For example, some planning firms only take on clients who make over $300,000 a year, while others specialize in working with the middle class. While any financial planner can offer you some basic tips to improve your situation, you need to find someone who works with people like you. Doing so, as CNN Money suggests, you can find a professional who’s most familiar with your needs and is most likely to have the know-how to meet those needs.

    If you’re tired of worrying about your finances, the well-being of your family, and how you’ll ever be able to afford retirement, find a financial advisor who can help you make better decisions with your money. You won’t be disappointed, so long as you follow our guide to finding a financial planner who actually knows what they’re doing. Find out more at this site.

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