Cash for your settlement

Do you have a fixed annuity that isn’t quite enough to pay for all your court fees, living expenses, and other ancillary purchases? Instead of waiting 5, 10, or even 20 years for your annuity to reach full maturity, wouldn’t it be nice to sell your fixed payments for one giant lump sum?

There are companies who can guide you through the process of selling your fixed payments, from getting a quote for your annuity payments to finally cashing in with a huge one-time lump sum. If you’ve been wanting to cash in on your structured settlement, here’s a quick overview of the process:

    Step #1: Do some research. The concept of a structured settlement emerged in the mid-1950s as a way to allow companies and individuals to pay out court and lotto winnings over an extended period of time. The recipients of annuities didn’t like being pigeon-holed into the fixed payments, and this led to the development of companies that will purchase structured settlements in exchange for huge lump sums.

    Step #2: Get a quote for your annuity payments. When you visit an annuity expert, they will closely examine your specific settlement and determine what option is best for you. Once you receive a quote for your annuity payments, you can decide if you prefer the enormous lump sum payment to a series of much smaller fixed payments. Sometimes, if your case is not settled yet, you can opt for a pre-settlement cash advance, which will enable you to access your fortune before the legal process runs its course.

    Step #3: Live the life of your dreams. In a recent American International Group survey, 65% of all people said they would rather take a lump sum instead of fixed payments, and for good reason. By selling your annuity for a huge lump sum, you can eliminate debt, move across the world, and buy the home of your dreams. Getting a lump sum for your annuity is the best way to take advantage of your circumstances and create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Contact an expert in structured settlements and get a quote for you annuity to see if it entices you. It’s your money, and you should decide how and when it is spent.

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