Sellling real estate in probate

Usually a person does not receive an inheritance when someone close to them dies unless a deceased owner of an estate has left them their estate. The estate can consist of money, jewelry, real estate and other assets. The inheritance has to clear all probate problems that may arise in probate court first. If you inherit real estate, you can get the proceeds from the sale of inherited real estate after it has passed probate. There is also the option of an inheritance loan.

However, now days more and more people are weighing their options for an inheritance advance. Inheritance advance loans are being taken out all the time now. An inheritance advance, or probate loan, may be a good option for someone who has fallen into a hardship and all other options for resources are exhausted.

The best and easiest way to get an inheritance advance is to go directly to the person you are going to inherit from. Explain your need and see if they will give you an advance on your inheritance. There is a $13,000 or less annual gift exclusion in the IRS tax code that allows tax payers to give cash gifts up to this amount that are tax free. There are also trust loans available if the inheritance is already in a trust.

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