Have you ever wondered how locksmiths work? In their YouTube video, “What You Need to Be a Locksmith,” Locksmith Recommended shows us a locksmith shop. A narrator named Robert demonstrated the machines in his shop.

Commercial locksmith services are responsible for reproducing keys. They also assist people locked out of their homes or cars. One of the first machines Robert used was a key cutter. This machine uses the original key as a pattern. The cutter can cut a new key by tracing the original.

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However, that machine is now a backup, as most machines are computerized. Robert now uses the SECE9 to replicate keys from all over the world. Robert reported that the machine is a good choice for a mobile locksmith since it’s versatile. There’s a different machine for car keys. Robert explained that the machine would cut keys for most cars. German car keys require a different machine. Many locksmiths don’t cut keys for German cars.

In addition to key-cutting machines, Robert reported a locksmith needs a set of basic tools (like pliers and screwdrivers.) Robert explained that, while key machines are spread out in a store, a mobile locksmith could have the same setup in a van with custom shelves. For more information, check their channel for more informational videos.


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