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All right, let’s talk about life insurance. Don’t click the back button yet! When a survey has estimated around 37% of millennials as not having renter’s insurance because of a lack of information, when insurance can save you a load of trouble down the road in cases of theft or flood, it’s worth taking a little time to clear the air and get yourself on the right track. Life insurance can mean the difference between an easy hospital trip and months of debt collectors calling your phone night and day. The list below will detail the most common forms of insurance, some useful statistics and, most importantly, how to get yourself on the fast track to security and peace of mind.

Different Types Of Insurance

Whether you’re looking for car insurance to life insurance to home owner insurance, there’s a safety net for every type of lifestyle available. An estimated 26% of Americans have disability insurance and thanks to the newly appointed Obamacare, basic health insurance coverage overall has risen dramatically for vulnerable populations in the past few years. However, all is not peachy keen — it’s been found in 2015 that nearly one third of Americans said they still needed more life insurance and the general uninsured rate amongst modern American adults is still near 13%! Take a moment to look for local representatives and see which coverage fits you and your loved ones.

Farm Insurance

There are over two million farms in the U.S. alone, providing the fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese and meat that the country needs to subsist on every single day. The vast majority of them are operated by families, which can be anywhere from individuals to partnerships. Since over half of all of these farms are over fifty years old, insurance is necessary to weather the fall of old equipment, land maintenance and provide liability insurance for crops. In 2014 over one million crop insurance policies were sold, protecting over a hundred different kinds of crops all over the country. Life insurance can seem complicated and tiring to deal with, but a little effort now will pay off in the future when you need it most! What are you going to apply for today?

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