Chicago Real Estate Mogul Sells Commercial Property for Over $70 Million

How to invest in reits

For many Americans, investing in commercial real estate is a great way to diversify financial portfolios and earn profit without relying too heavily on the stock market. However, amid questions about how to invest in REITs and which real estate partners should manage your funds, there is often one lingering question in every potential investor’s mind: should I invest in real estate, or is this option best left to others. After all, there have been plenty of highly-publicized cases where taking a financial risk went awry. Fortunately, because many real estate ventures are conducted by industry experts, this type of investment is often much more stable. Moreover, in many cases, real estate…

Commercial Real Estate in Today’s Economy

Brian katz

The Great Recession of 2008 was one of the darkets periods in American History. What was the biggest part of the economy to suffer? The real estate business where millions of people lost their homes and businesses closed because they could not pay their rent. As the economy continues to rebound more people are asking should I invest in real estate.

According to IBIS World research the commercial real estate industry employs an estimated 4,308,177 people in the United States. Commercial real estate is property that is strictly used for business purposes. For those looking to get into the real estate business owning commercial real estate property can be the perfect place to build your portfolio. You do not have to be…

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