Business Valuation and Why You Might Need to Get One

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If you have a small business that you have built from the ground up or have taken from fledgling to profitable, then having a small business valuation done can be something that you might take quite personally. That is understandable. You have put a great deal of your personal energy into making it what it is now.

A problem comes into play when you need to sell your business and you need a small business appraisal. If you are not careful, the entire process of valuation can easily become derailed when it is based on personal emotion, attachment, and subjective ideas rather than quality data that is based on the realities of the market.

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If You Plan on Selling Your Business, Read This

Company valuation tool

As a small business, it?s important to know the ins and outs of what your business is making. Why, for example, do an incredible 60% of restaurants not make it past their first year — and even more never make it beyond the first four?

The reason is that many people get into business because they enjoy the industry — whether it?s the restaurant business or digital marketing — but they don?t have any actual background in running a business. And as it turns out, there?s a lot more involved than simply making sure your rent is paid and your employees have hours.

You Need Accounting Skills to be Successful

Robert Irvine, who hosts the popular restaurant show Restaurant Impossible, says that it?s incredible, to him, the number of people running a restaurant business who h…

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