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Mobile POS systems are slowly beginning to take over traditional point of sale systems, and considering how convenient, affordable, and safe these software systems can be, it’s no surprise that businesses — even the smallest of businesses — are beginning to take advantage of them. Local pharmacies, in particular, have begun implementing mobile retail pharmacy POS systems, and realizing that their pharmacy was lacking in so many ways before mobile POS existed.

Consider these stats for a moment:

  • Between 2011 and 2012, the mobile POS industry grew by 111%; according to the most recent data, there are about 9.5 million terminals around the world that manage mobile point of sale systems.
  • This growth is so huge that analysts are already predicting that mobile POS software will eventually have about 46% market share by the year 2017 — if not sooner.
  • Considering that the entire point of sale software industry is worth an estimated $3.2, as of 2014, it’s clear that tons of businesses really depend on POS systems, and these systems aren’t going anywhere — if anything, they’re going to become more high-tech and more secure, and that’s exactly what a mobile POS system brings to the table.

Just like regular POS systems, mobile POS software can handle all the basic tasks involved with making transactions, tracking product inventory and sales trends, and managing customer loyalty programs. Every bit of information that goes through these systems can be processed in real time, and it’s saved on a secure server, with security encryption capabilities to protect sensitive information belonging to the business and to its customers.

The added benefit of mobile POS is simply that it’s more convenient than traditional cash registers. The system operates through handheld devices that handle all the same POS tasks as usual, and they can be carried around anywhere in the store. These systems allow for more face-to-face interactions between pharmacy staff and customers, creating an even greater sense of community for the business.

So if you own a small pharmacy and you haven’t looked into upgrading to mobile POS yet — definitely don’t underestimate the future of this industry. This is a great source for more.

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