In this video, you will learn about taking out a veterinary business loan. Business loans can be tricky to understand. Sometimes, it can be intimidating to take out a loan or even to know how to.

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Financial institutions like banks can sometimes make the process harder to understand. Contacting a financial advisor isn’t always the best option, but it can help in some cases. Net income is the most important number for a veterinary practice. The income is separated into a few different categories. You want to make sure you are seeing growth. If you are not seeing growth, then you are not being profitable. A net income of 20% is a good number to strive for. This way, you are being profitable. If you have a 50% net income after all expenses, you will have a 21% ‘wiggle room.’ You want to add growth back into your net income, so that you can keep growing. Growth is a really important part of owning a veterinary practice. Yes, you want to help animals. However, you run a business and it is important to also be profitable so you have the most up-to-date tools to best help the animals.

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