In this video, you will learn about starting a charitable organization. Also known as non-for-profit, these organizations donate money to charities or simply do not profit at all. Some people who are on a mission to save the world will ask if they should start a charitable organization. It takes a ton of time, energy, and money to start a not-for-profit organization.

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If you are not all in, then it can fail and you end up losing money. All around the world, people are dealing with some of the same things. With that being said, humans are passionate about things and when people want to make a difference, chances are, the organization you want to start already exists. Sometimes it is better to join another charitable organization, rather than starting your own. You can typically help people much quicker if you find an organization that already exists to work for or work with. Every organization around the world has one thing in common: they all need funding. With more money, they can make more money. They can also reach more people and do more things with better funding. Sometimes it is more worth it to put energy into an already existing organization.

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