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The subprime mortgage and other risky, sometimes predatory, loan types virtually disappeared after the real estate bubble burst in 2008. But now that the Great Recession has finally come to a close, one high risk loan is making a comeback thanks to a company based in Troy, Michigan.

The so-called “interest-only” mortgages feature a period of low initial payment, but down the road payments jump. After the recession, Troy-based United Wholesale Mortgage only offered the loans to wealthy Americans, but now they’re expanding access to the higher risk mortgage interest rates, a move which makes some watchdogs nervous.

During the Great Recession, predatory lenders targeted low-income Americans with mortgage interest rates that rose over time, setting them up for future foreclosures and debt. That was a major contributing factor to the crash on Wall Street, and many would prefer if these interest-only loans and other risky mortgage interest rates would stay in the history books.

But the company says they’ve taken steps to ensure they won’t see a return of unqualified borrowers setting themselves up for debt. Instead, they say they’re only loaning money to borrowers based on whether they can afford the future payment, not the initial low mortgage interest rates. The Michigan mortgage brokers say the loans are meant only for potential homeowners who can afford higher payments, but instead choose lower payments.

Over the past few years, home mortgage rate trends are finally showing signs of stability in Michigan, although the state still struggles to make up for recession era losses in the real estate sector. If you’re looking for the best banking rates and home mortgage rates in Michigan this year, don’t make the same mistakes that led to the recession.

Even if you aren’t trying to get professional loans like interest-only mortgages, always make sure you’re planning for long term financial stability.

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