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Do you have a structured settlement paying you payments over a period of time? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could sell your structured settlement and get cash now? More than 40 percent of US households spend on average more money than they earn, making living paycheck to paycheck a revolving cycle that is hard to break. By getting cash for your structured settlements you can pay off debt and work to break this cycle.

Pay off Credit Card Debt:
There are approximately 13 payment cards to the average American household. This makes it easy to fall into debt on a number of cards making it hard to pay them off. Getting cash for structured settlements provides a way to pay off and possibly eliminate extra cards while totally eliminating debt.

Pay off Medical Bills:
Out off all the credit reports ran for various financing purposes, roughly 20% show past due medical bills resulting in a lower credit rating. Selling a structured settlement and getting cash now provides a way to pay these bills off once and for all. As of 2014, 64 million people, the equivalent of 35 percent of the population of the U.S. stated they were having a hard time making ends meet and paying bills because of medical bills.

Pay off Student Loans:
You work hard for your money, and some of that money may go towards the training which provided you the skills to get your current job. Adults in America owe, on average, over 11 thousand dollars in student debt. When you sell your structured settlement, the instant cash can go towards paying down or even paying off your student loan debt.

Financing is useful however it is not financially smart. Over $950 in interest is paid each year by U.S. households. Financing is expensive and ends up costing you money in the end. If you sell your structured settlement you have the money you need to get what you want without worrying about financing charges. Monthly payments can become a hassle for any household, just as receiving small monthly payments can be a hassle. By selling your structured settlement or annuity all those monthly payments can go away and you can finally afford the life you deserve to live.

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