Ira non recourse loan

You have your eyes squarely focused on retirement. In order to cross that finish line, you know you need to grow your portfolio. Your best bet is commercial real estate, where a small investment can grow quickly. In order to finance the dream of commercial property ownership consider a non recourse commercial loan.

A non-recourse loan is a secured loan. Typically these loans are secured through collateral in the form of property. Self-directed IRA investors who choose to purchase investment real estate are able to leverage their purchase with nonrecourse loans. A non recourse mortgage loan can be used to purchase commercial and residential real estate. According to the NCLC, 10 states in the United States are generally classified as non-recourse for residential mortgages.

A self-directed IRA offers more flexibility than other retirement plans, giving the owner more control. Self directed IRA lending allow you to to invest your savings in funds and real estate that you think will increase your retirement fund. Using self directed IRA to buy real estate traditionally happens when the investor wants to buy commercial real estate. Since most commercial real estate is owned in a partnership structure, non-recourse borrowing gives the real estate owner a the tax benefits of a tax-pass-through partnership structure and limits the personal liability to the value of the investment.

Unfortunately, too many people do not take the steps to earn enough to never have to work again. An estimated 48% of American elders are considered “economically vulnerable”. In a non recourse commercial loan the risk exists for both parties. The lender assumes significant risk, so they must underwrite the loan with much more care than a full recourse loan. If you are considering a non recourse commercial loan it is recommended you work with someone who has significant financial expertise.

A non recourse commercial loan can be your best bet if you are interested in investing in commercial real estate. You can help grow your portfolio without much of an investment. Contact a seasoned financial professional and find out how a non recourse commercial loan can suit you. See this link for more references:

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