Business Valuation and Why You Might Need to Get One

Comparables valuation

If you have a small business that you have built from the ground up or have taken from fledgling to profitable, then having a small business valuation done can be something that you might take quite personally. That is understandable. You have put a great deal of your personal energy into making it what it is now.

A problem comes into play when you need to sell your business and you need a small business appraisal. If you are not careful, the entire process of valuation can easily become derailed when it is based on personal emotion, attachment, and subjective ideas rather than quality data that is based on the realities of the market.

In the exact same when residential prope…

Getting New Car Loan Leads Across the Auto Industry

Auto finance leads

It is nice to be able to get around on your own, without having to rely on a friend or family member, or wait around for public transportation to align with your schedule. But buying a car is a pricey endeavor. Many people end up feeling a bit hopeless when it comes to the need or desire to own their own vehicle, after a quick glance at the price tags. Even used cars can run into some high price ranges. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and putting time into getting new car loan leads could end up with you behind the steering wheel sooner than you might expect.

Getting new car loan leads for future freedom

Like many worthwhile things, sometimes the process of reaching your ultimate goal takes a bit of patience. It could also call for a bit of resourcefulnes…

Is Your Small Business Trying to Market a New Service?

Glass door signs

When a plane flies a banner over the New Jersey shoreline the message is noticed.
As the Beachgate drama continues to unfold, It would be difficult for Governor Chris Christie not to get the message. He may not like the message or follow the advice of getting off the beach, but that banner had strong marketing power.
Although few marketing techniques will ever have the impact of the Beachgate banner that is now gone viral, there are plenty of ways for your company to reach its customers. From floor standing sign holders to acrylic poster frames, signage is one of the best physical marketing tools that any company can use. Advertising your products on the back side of a small cafe menu sign disp…

Are You Looking for a Cash Management System for a New Business?

Currency counter machines

Your plans for your new business have been pretty exact. You have worked with local buyers to make sure that you have access to the exact products that you want, you have located the perfect location and have spent a good deal of time and money making sure the build out is the way you want it, and you have invested a lot of time in finding the right employees.
After a meeting with some other new business owners, however, you found out that there is an important step that you have not considered. Because you anticipate that at least 40% of your customers will be paying in cash, the neighboring merchants explained that they think you should purchase a coin and currency counting machine so that you can eliminate both temptation and error. With the right Read More

Are You Struggling to Teach Your Employees the Best Change Counting Techniques?

Coin counting machines for sale

When you were a kid money counter machines were rather arcane devices that you found stashed in the closet at your grandparents’ house. Every now and then, in fact, your grandmother would let you dig through drawers, old purses, and half full piggy banks to gather all of the loose coins that you could find, run the stash through the coin sorter and counter machine and take the haul to the local grocery store for some otherwise forbidden treats.
Today, a few things about money counter machines have changed. They still make a loud racket, but these machines have been redesigned and reinstalled as …

Flipping Houses? Check Your Hard Money Loan Options

Real estate investment lenders

Are you interested in flipping houses, developing commercial real estate or another related investment opportunity? If you’re currently unfamiliar with commercial real estate investing basics, you may still be well aware of the reasons to invest in commercial real estate.

Depending on your personal situation and projected project, such as a major renovation, you may be interested in obtaining information on one or more of the following types of financing:

    Renovation financing
    Hard money rehab loans
    Secured short term loans

Are you aware of the difference between a private hard money loan and a traditional bank loan? If you already own one or more properties with 30%-to-50% equity, you may be interested to know that a hard money loan would be secured as …

Three Methods For Small Business Valuations

Business valuation

Are you in need of a business valuation for your small or mid-sized business? Maybe you are attempting to get a loan from a local credit union or want to find ways to attract investors in the future. Whatever your reasons may be, finding small business valuations is easier than you might think and there are various ways to obtain the information. The three main ways to complete small business valuations are: comparison to recent sales of similar businesses, evaluating your business’s earning power and risk assessment, and evaluating your company?s assets. Below is a brief description of each of these techniques.

1. Comparison – Using a comparison of your business’s recent sales against other sim…

How Are Small Business Valuations Useful for Banks?

Business valuation software

Small business lenders like national banks, community banks, credit unions and other SBA service providers are frequently called upon to assess the value of a business. What most people don’t know is that when it comes to how to value a company, there are actually several different methodologies that can be used, depending on the purpose of the business valuation. Each method produces a different result.

What is a small business valuation?
Business valuation appraisal has two key starting points: first, you need to determine the reasons for the company valuation. And second, you need to collect all necessary information.
The information can be fed to business valuation software,…

Starting Your Career in Finance with Quarterly Snapshots and IPOs

Prime brokers

Understanding the world of finance is no easy task. From quarterly snapshots to hedge funds to prime brokerage services for professional traders, the complex intricacies of financial business is not for those unwilling to put in a great deal of work and dedication. But the ambitious go to where there is money, and if you are pretty savvy with money and tend to give sound financial advice, you may feel inclined to pursue a career as a stockbroker.

Starting simple in the finance world

If you are planning on working with prime brokers at some point, you should probably know what a quarterly snapshot is, or what expectations exis…

Investing in Real Estate Property? Here are 3 Things to Avoid

Real estate crowdfunding los angeles

Investing in real estate can be an extremely lucrative career or second source of income. It does, however, require a lot of planning, research, and hard work, but that’s good because otherwise everyone would do it. Here are some real estate investing tips that should help you and specifically what not to do when it comes to real estate investing.

Not Working With a Real Estate Investment Firm

If you try and do everything yourself you might stress yourself out more than you know. Investing in any property can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s much more than just seeing a piece of property you like, throwing money down, and waiting. You have to deal with zoning restrictions, financial transactions, and other legal matters and it can feel extr…

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