Three Methods For Small Business Valuations

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Are you in need of a business valuation for your small or mid-sized business? Maybe you are attempting to get a loan from a local credit union or want to find ways to attract investors in the future. Whatever your reasons may be, finding small business valuations is easier than you might think and there are various ways to obtain the information. The three main ways to complete small business valuations are: comparison to recent sales of similar businesses, evaluating your business’s earning power and risk assessment, and evaluating your company?s assets. Below is a brief description of each of these techniques.

1. Comparison – Using a comparison of your business’s recent sales against other sim…

How Are Small Business Valuations Useful for Banks?

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Small business lenders like national banks, community banks, credit unions and other SBA service providers are frequently called upon to assess the value of a business. What most people don’t know is that when it comes to how to value a company, there are actually several different methodologies that can be used, depending on the purpose of the business valuation. Each method produces a different result.

What is a small business valuation?
Business valuation appraisal has two key starting points: first, you need to determine the reasons for the company valuation. And second, you need to collect all necessary information.
The information can be fed to business valuation software,…

Starting Your Career in Finance with Quarterly Snapshots and IPOs

Prime brokers

Understanding the world of finance is no easy task. From quarterly snapshots to hedge funds to prime brokerage services for professional traders, the complex intricacies of financial business is not for those unwilling to put in a great deal of work and dedication. But the ambitious go to where there is money, and if you are pretty savvy with money and tend to give sound financial advice, you may feel inclined to pursue a career as a stockbroker.

Starting simple in the finance world

If you are planning on working with prime brokers at some point, you should probably know what a quarterly snapshot is, or what expectations exis…

Investing in Real Estate Property? Here are 3 Things to Avoid

Real estate crowdfunding los angeles

Investing in real estate can be an extremely lucrative career or second source of income. It does, however, require a lot of planning, research, and hard work, but that’s good because otherwise everyone would do it. Here are some real estate investing tips that should help you and specifically what not to do when it comes to real estate investing.

Not Working With a Real Estate Investment Firm

If you try and do everything yourself you might stress yourself out more than you know. Investing in any property can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s much more than just seeing a piece of property you like, throwing money down, and waiting. You have to deal with zoning restrictions, financial transactions, and other legal matters and it can feel extr…

Expanding Your Investment Portfolio? Consider Commerical Real Estate Notes

Retail store for rent

Are you considering making an investment in mortgage, or real estate notes? Since the 2006 foreclosure crisis, there continue to be real estate notes for sale, and some experts believe that this can be a potentially sound investment.

Perhaps you have invested in residential real estate notes in the past and are planning to branch out to include commercial real estate notes. If this is the case, while searching for commercial real estate notes for sale, you may be interested to know more about the different types of commercial buildings that may be available:

    Office buildings

Could a Business Loan Help You Reach Your Economic Goals?

7a loan application

The letter from the Los Angeles County Probate Office was the inspiration.
When you first received the phone call and then the packet of legal documents you began to understand that you really might be the heir to some long lost uncle who had been a merchant marine in the Pacific Ocean. The initial conversation with your sister, however, seemed like some kind of scam. Some how the Los Angeles government office found your younger sister’s name first. Your sister, however, immediately contacted you. Not until you received your own phone call and legal packet in the mail, though, did you think the inheritance was a valid possibility.
The following months involved paper work and phone calls, legal appointments and tax attorneys. When the money finally arrived, it was a sizable amount. Enough, in fact,…

Hard Money Loans aren’t Hard to Understand Anymore

Private hard money lender

In today’s economy it’s not easy to afford everything we want and need with straight cash. Sometimes it simply isn’t possible to come out of pocket, especially for things like home repairs and renovations. Fortunately there are ways to get past this dilemma. It might not always be comfortable, but borrowing money from lenders has become a good way to fund major projects, so long as the loan is reasonable and handled wisely. Hard money loans are one type of loan that many use to help increase the value of their property.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

The term “hard money loan” sounds a bit odd at first. What could it mean, and how can money be “hard?” The term, which originated in North America where it’s most common, refers to a specific type of asset-based loan. Basically, the borrower …

Getting Into Commercial Property Investing — The Basics

Real estate secured lending

If you belong to a high income group, you are probably the kind of person who is driven, motivated and energized at the idea of achieving financial success in life, and to never rest easy with the success you have already achieved. All over the world, people who have achieved a measure of success have reached that point by not being content with what they have, and by continually striving for more success. At the end of the day, what matters is not where you have been, but where you are going, and for this very reason, if you have reached a point where you can call yourself successful financially, you might want to consider getting involved in commercial property investing.

The real estate market in America has been a booming market for quite some time now. With people constantly looking f…

Looking To Make An Investment In Your Future? Here’s How!

Commercial real estate for sale

In today’s market many are looking for smart investments, investments that will enable them to reap long term benefits.

If you are looking to make a wise investment, you should consider commercial real estate. What though do you need to know before buying commercial real estate properties?

    Commercial real estate primarily refers to retail buildings, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, apartment buildings, or buildings used for mixed purposes.

    The market for global property investment has grown to over $788 billion and promises to continue growing. Now is the time to get your cut of the action.

    The number one city for real estate investment is New York City, accounting for 7% of the global market. That being said, every city will have a demand for commer…

Learning How a Company Valuation Tool Works For You

Business comps

If you are looking for a reliable company valuation tool, look no further. We are here to help you understand what the business evaluation experts are saying to businesses about their company valuation tool and system in place. There are many different things to be noted, but we will start off with the different approaches involved with a business evaluation software and how they affect you.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Business — You May Need Business Valuation Software Services

If you want to sell your business, now or in the future, it’s important to get a company valuation tool that is perfect for assessing your company. There are three app…

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